Für das Datenrepositorium DaRUS geltende Erhaltungsmaßnahmen




Level acc. to NSDA

Storage and Geographic Location
  • Data is distributed over two different locations (Haken) (over two NetApp StorageGrid Systems)
  • All data is stored on secured S3-compatible data backends
  • Monitoring functionalities of StorageGrid System


File Fixity and Data Integrity
  • Create file checksum on ingest → by Dataverse and StorageGRID
  • Check file fixity on publication → by Dataverse
  • Ability to detect corrupt data → by StorageGRID or by API-Endpoint of Dataverse
  • Ability to replace/repair corrupted data → automatically by StorageGRID
  • Responsibility of the data provider to ensure, that data is free of malicious content → Terms of Use
Information Security
  • Identify who has read, write, move and delete authorization to individual files → by Dataverse rights and roles management
  • Restrict who has those authorizations to individual files → by file restriction functionality of Dataverse
  • Document access restrictions for content → by Dataverse rights and roles management
  • Possibility to provide provenance metadata on the file level → by Dataverse functionality
  • Ensure backup and non-collocation of inventory → Backup of the metadata database on S3 (StorageGRID)
  • Possibility to export metadata in standard formats (DataCite, DublinCore,, JSON)
  • Store technical metadata for storage (by NetApp StorageGrid)
  • Store descriptive and process metadata to ensure reuse of files (used software to write and read files)
  • Store technical information about files (by Dataverse, MIME-Type-Erkennung)
  • Inventory of content and its storage location → by Dataverse
File Formats
  • Migration on ingest: file migrations on tabular data and textual data as additional copies in the publications process
  • Recommendations on open formats and codecs in the publication process
  • Perform format migrations, emulation and similar activities as requested
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