Competence Center for Research Data Management

FoKUS is the contact for all questions concerning research data management (FDM): from data management plans to storage space, administration, publication and archiving.

Reachability of FoKUS during the corona time

During the actual corona situation, the best way to reach the FoKUS team is by E-Mail ( We still offer all our services (counseling and meetings by online calls) and call you back, if neccessary.

Research Data Management at the University of Stuttgart


The guidelines on research data management can be found in the Research Data Policy of the University of Stuttgart The DFG has also issued guidelines on the handling of research data, which supplement the general codex to ensure good scientific practice. Some disciplines also have their own subject-specific guidelines on handling research data.

Our Offer

You need to write something about research data management in a project proposal? Are you dissatisfied with the findability or reusability of the research data generated in your area? Would you like to publish your research data in a citable form or archive it usefully? 

We offer individual consulting on research data management throughout the entire data life cycle:

  • For the planning of a research project (data management plan, application, planning of storage space)
  • For the management and description of research data and research software
  • For sharing research data
  • For the publication of research data (selection of suitable repositories)
  • For the storage and archiving of data and codes 

As part of GRADUS, we offer a 1-day workshop on research data management for doctoral students. 

For individual questions in working groups, institutes, faculties or courses, we also create shorter information events. We come to you and inform according to your needs, e.g. about:

  • Re-use and Quote Data from Others
  • Requirements of Research Funders for Research Data Management
  • Data Management Plans for Horizon2020 Projects
  • Description and Management of Research Data
  • Citable Publication of Research Data
  • Services around the Management of Research Data
  • Legal Questions regarding the Use, Storage and Publication of Data

We build an infrastructure for research data and research software at the University of Stuttgart and inform about existing services of the university, at state, national and international level. 

Existing tools and services

Die Forschungsdaten-Projekte mit Beteiligung der Uni Stuttgart sind:

  • DIPL -ING: Research data management in the engineering sciences
  • RePlay-DH: Research data in the digital humanities
  • SuSI: Sustainable infrastructure for research software on the example of DuMuX

People at FoKUS

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FoKUS - Competence Center for Research Data Management

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