DFG specifies requirements for handling research data in funding proposals

March 25, 2022 / kr

Statements in grant applications will be mandatory.

With the establishment of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) and other academic research data centres, wide-ranging facilities and new opportunities have emerged in recent years that can be used for support purposes. Research institutions have also set up a wide variety of advisory centres for research data management. Numerous DFG review boards have developed and published statements and requirements for the subject-specific handling of research data, either jointly or based on discourse in scholarly societies.

The DFG has now set out these requirements for handling research data in concrete form and is making it mandatory for information on this aspect to be included in project proposals. The explanations are to be based on a catalogue of questions but can be adapted to specific projects. In addition, the relevant information is also requested on relevant research objects, materials, substances or tissues that are closely related to research outcomes. In future, greater attention will be paid to the handling of research data as part of the review and evaluation process than was previously the case.

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