Reusable Software University of Stuttgart (ReSUS)

DFG-LIS Project

A platform for publication, search, citation and automated execution of research software

Project Description

New findings in all areas of research are based on the fact that existing knowledge and results of scientific investigations can be shared, rechecked and reused. In order to be able to trace and reproduce research results, it is increasingly necessary to make available not only the publication and the research data, but also the associated research software. However, the research software must not only be published, but also executable. However, the high effort to make data and source code available in a replicable way, to cite and use them correctly, stands in the way of the vision of open science. 

The aim of the ReSUS project is therefore to create an integrated platform to support scientists at the University of Stuttgart in the licensing, structured description, packaging and publication of research software. ReSUS is based on existing components (data repository DaRUS, modelling platform Winary, and the provisioning engine) and extends existing standards (OpenTOSCA, ResearchObjects). The aim is to make research software not only easy to find and cite, but also uncomplicated to re-use, thus facilitating the reproducibility of research.

Project Partners


1.7.2020 - 31.7.2024


The ReSUS project is funded by the German Research Association under the project number 425911815


This image shows Dorothea Iglezakis

Dorothea Iglezakis


Spokesperson of FoKUS

Iqra Imran


Research Assistant in the ReSUS project

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