Competence Center for IT Applications and Projects (ITAP)

University of Stuttgart Information and Communication Center (IZUS)

The Competence Center for IT Applications and Projects (IZUS/ITAP) is responsible for the selection, introduction and maintenance of the IT applications used to support the administrative processes in research and teaching.

ITAP team's functions

Specifically, ITAP was created to meet the challenges of digitalization.

It is tasked with:

  • the implementation of teaching and research related IT applications to support digital processes
  • application management which, during the life cycle of the IT applications, focuses on application development and operation, and user support.


Campus Management Portal

The Campus Management Portal provides continuous IT Support for the administrative processes involved in the student life cycle and thereby the core process academic affairs and teaching.
This includes application, admission, enrollment, student management (eg. payment of fees), course management, course planning, academic performance management (course and exam evaluations) and room administration.

In addition, employees have access to additional applications such as registration for continuing education courses.

further information

FIS - Research Information System

A new research information system of the Unversity of Stuttgart is used to compile information about the research activites - projects, publications and prizes of the researchers at the University. The administrative processes within the research process - such as the provision of the register of projects in accordance with  § 41a LHG BW, or project notifications will be supported from a technological standpoint. The achievements of the scientists at the university can then be presented in a structured way for the rest of the scientific community and the public.


Research information system


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Nicola Hönle


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