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The new features of CAMPUSonline in the responsive webdesign allows you to filter by application titles and arrange your "Home" desktop individually. You can mark frequently used applications as favorites and group in a folder structure.

C@MPUS "Home" for students (laptop view)
View of C@MPUS "Home" desktop for students

Basic functions

Filter by application titles

Type a search string and the display will be restricted to the applications which contain this search string in the application title.

Sort by application title

By default, the applications are sorted by the topic areas important information, personal information, study and exam results, course catalog, student management, applications and links. You can change the sequence of the display to ascending or descending alphabetical order. 

Display as tiles or list

In the display of all applications you can select between a tile view or a list view.

Mark applications as favorites

You can mark frequently used applications as favorites. When you first log in, your desktop is preset with some favorites. You can change this selection at any time.

Hide all applications

The display of all applications in the lower area can be hidden and shown easily.

Extended functions

Folders in the favorite area

In the favorites area you can create folders and place the favorites in these folders.

Define applications with pre-filled organisation filter as favorite

In applications such as Course Catalog, Module Catalog you can limit the view to individual organisational units (institute, faculty) after starting the application.

This limitation to an organisational unit can already be defined in the favorites. In order to do this

  • change the selection All Applications to Applications with organisational filter,
  • select the organisation,
  • and finally select the action Add to Favorites with Context for the application.


Functions of header navigation

Buisness card

By clicking on your name, a drop-down-menu opens. The first item is called Business card. The Business card can be used to provide additional personal information such as a business card picture.

Personal settings

The next item on the drop-down-menu is Personal settings. You can define your default profile and choose your preferred color scheme (e.g. a theme with high contrast for improved accessability).

Language settings

In the top right corner you can choose between the languages German and English.



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