C@MPUS Desktop instructions


On the new starting page, „Home“ desktop, you can filter by application title. You can save frequently used applications as favorites with or without organizational preselection. With the different display variants and the option of structuring your favorites using folders, you can set up your desktop individually.

C@MPUS "Home" for students (laptop view)
A possible view of „Home“ desktop

Basic functions

Type a search text into the application filter. The display is then reduced to the applications that contain this text in the application title.

When displaying all applications, you can choose between a card view and a list view.  We recommend the list view especially for small displays.

You can change the display order to alphabetical ascending or descending.

In the C@MPUS search field, which you can find in the top right of the header, you can search for rooms, people and organizations. Further search options you can find in the new “General search” application.

You can mark frequently used applications as favorites. For this, you click on the star in the upper left corner of the card or list item. You can undo the selection at any time by clicking on the star again.

The display of all applications in the lower area can easily be hidden and shown again. 

You can expand the menu area in the application or collapse it again using the small double arrow in the top right corner. For this, you click on the small arrow in the top right corner.

Management of favorites

In the favorites area you can create folders, name them as desired and sort your favorites into these folders. For this, use the three-point at top right.

In applications such as e.g. courses or room management, you can or must restrict the view to individual organizational units (institute, faculty) after opening the application.

This restriction to an organizational unit can be predefined in the favorite, so that the organizational selection is no longer necessary when calling up this favorite.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Change the "All Applications" selection to "Applications with organization" filter.
  2. select the desired organization
  3. and save the application as a favorite by clicking on the favorite star.

You can repeat this for the same application in combination with other organizations.

You can adjust the order of your favorites using the “Sort Favorites” function. You can find this function in the favorites area at the top right in the three-dot menu. Move the favorites to the desired position while holding down the left mouse button.

Recommendation of favorite assignments for employees

  • Applications  - Selection Committee (with organizational preselection, possibly multiple)
  • Applications  - Examination Committee (with organizational preselection, possibly multiple)
  • Applications  - Admissions Committee (with organizational preselection, possibly multiple)
  • Application Documents Downloader

(depending on your specific committee membership)

  • My Module
  • My Module-LV-Assignment (eventually)
  • My Examination Management
  • My Exam Dates
  • My Final Theses
  • Room Allocation
  • Room Management
  • My Module
  • Exports / Evaluations
  • Modul-LV-Assignment
  • LV-Elevation (with organizational preselection, possibly multiple)
  • Room Search
  • My Lectures
  • My Appointment calendar (eventually)



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